What are differences between aui-react and atlaskit? .. what is the best example of using it?

I am very confused about those two things which are aui-react and atlaskit…

What is aui-react??
What is atlaskit?

Can I use the both when I make a front-end page for jira server ??

Some blog said to the fact that when I make react and rest api , I can use my app to jira server and cloud version as well…

so … I want to make my app with react + rest api first of all…

I need good examples about react + rest api in jira server plugin

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Good question!
The difference between AUI and Atlaskit is the result of the decoupling of Server products and Cloud, mostly due to the fact that the Cloud architecture allows for more rapid development and deployment.

AUI can be considered the legacy implementation (used in Server products). AtlasKit was/is developed together with the Atlassian Design Guide (ADG) version 3 (current version) and should be the most complete implementation of the ADG 3 design guideline. However, AUI has been playing catch-up with ADG and should also match most requirements.

In your Server app, you can use AUI and/or AtlasKit, although it doesn’t seem to be very useful to have both in your project. For cloud add-ons, it is highly recommended to use AtlasKit as the UI will match the host product best.

Keep in mind though, that using React in your server app comes with some caveats, mainly due to the fact that not all Jira versions ship with React. Also, creating the same front-end app for both Server and Cloud versions of the host product is doable, but tricky as they truly are two different beasts.


Thanks for your answer…

Now, I am searching for an server app which is using React…

Now , I am watching some kinds of React for Re-use: Creating UI Components with Confluence Connect - AtlasCamp 2017(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoB4h17I_wU)

When I look at the source from GIT ( https://bitbucket.org/mjensen/confluence-issues-addon.git)
,there is no server part… which does not include maven setting files as well…

In this blog(https://blog.codebarrel.io/developing-a-jira-add-on-like-its-2016-575b6f77b3b6) … there is some kinds of example … but I couldn’t find out the one…
If U have any kinds of example app which is using react in the server app

… please share with me…

Hi, I found below public YouTube videos from Atlassian:

I’ll check if there is more public documentation on this. Meanwhile when you face issues feel free to ask questions here :slight_smile:

I also added some additional code snippets for an approach how to use React/AtlasKit in Jira Server here Atlaskit component usage in JIRA Server custom addon