What are the client id and secret used for in a bitbucket cloud app

In the bitbucket app page, I see there is a client ID and a secret. So far, there is no guidance as to how this configuration items can be used and in what flow they are used. Is there any pointer to the documentation or any help as to how they can be useful?


Client ID and secret is used for authorising your app to make API calls to Bitbucket. There are various ways you can do authorisation. You can find info about it here, which explains the differences between different authorisations with sample apps.


Thanks for the information and quick reply!

Question tho: is this client id working on all bitbucket installations or just bitbucket.org?


Just bitbucket.org. There is no concept of separate Bitbucket instances like Jira or Confluence instances.

Thanks a lot! I thought it was possible to have a separate bitbucket instance!

You can have separate instances of Bitbucket, but those are self-hosted using the Server version.

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Does self-hosted version supports bitbucket apps then? If then, can I reuse the client id generated for my app on these server instances?

The self-hosted version supports a different kind of plugin framework, so whatever you build for cloud would need to be rebuilt for server.

I think this should be a good starting point:


If you have specific questions, you’ll want to ask in the Bitbucket Server section of the developer community:


Eric Henry
Engineering Manager, Bitbucket Cloud
Pronouns: He, Him, His

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Thanks for clarifying.