What does a "Platform unexpected error" mean in a Jira Forge App

I am pushing some tasks to a background queue using Async events API but some of the invocations fail with the following error “Platform unexpected error” and no more details about it, I want to understand what this error signifies as I did not find anything regarding this expectation/error in this forum

Hello @ParagPatil

Hope you’re having a great day! This particular log message can indicate that an app invocation has hit the runtime memory limit or time limit. As this particular log message potentially indicates an Out of Memory error, or a Timeout error, we would suggest looking into whether there are any operations in your app that are potentially running for too long.
An example of such an operation could be an API call that returns a very large number of Jira issues. This would result in the app invocation hitting the runtime memory limit.

We will be updating our documentation to better explain this log message. In the meantime, let us know if you need any help debugging this error further.

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I’ve got the same error message. May I know if you’ve resolved that? Is there any better way to triage the root cause and the corresponding solution? Thanks for further update of your question.

@YY1 I did the following things to avoid the platform unexpected errors:

  • used the retry mechanism available in forge async events API, which will retry an event up to 4 times when the Error occurs

  • significantly reduce the amount of processing done per event to avoid hitting time and memory limits, this made my processes mech slower that before but at least it was dependable
    I’ve noticed that I do get a time limit error whenever a function fails to finish in 25 seconds. still don’t know what a “platform” unexpected error really means but following the steps above helped me avoid getting this error