What happens if watching Jira events exceeds quota?

Hi Atlassian community,

I’m planning to use the trigger module with avi:jira:created:issue and avi:jira:updated:issue events.
I’m afraid it will invoke many functions, then my app exceeds the invocations quota constantly.

Documentation says

We understand that some quotas can be hard to monitor; as such, we are working on better monitoring tools for future releases. Meanwhile, if we detect that your app consistently exceeds our quotas or limits, we'll first contact you to understand why. If your app needs higher storage capacity, you can contact us through Developer and Marketplace support. If your app needs an increase in other quotas or limits, please let us know through the Forge Jira Project.

We aim to unblock reasonable use cases, and we will work with you to achieve this. However, repeated or prolonged failure to address requests to comply with quotas may result in further action being taken (such as app suspension).

If repeated failure to keep quota is caused by using the trigger module, what will happen?
Should I stop using the module? Or does Atlassian allow to continue using it?

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