What happens when the Confluence Server is restarted during a migration

Hi folks, I would like some more information on the migration process.
It is my understanding that DiscoverableListerner#onStartAppMigration is executed in a separate thread. But what happens in the case when the server is restarted during the migration?

Creating and exporting the app data, then processing it on the cloud could end up taking a few hours. How (if possible) can I get access to the data already migrated, and pick up the migration process again?

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Hi @Corentin,

Thanks for your questions. If the server is restarted during the migration process then everything stops. JCMA and CCMA won’t restart threads and the app migration will also stop. Generally it’s considered a bad thing to restart while doing long running tasks.

Once the app data has completed migration you will receive a webhook on your registered endpoint. If this is missed, you can poll

and get a list of active transfers for a site. The best way to use this is to have a button in the admin interface of your app that allows the user to manually trigger this request, and if there is a transfer available you can go and pick up the data. The data won’t be available until it has all been sent.

Once a transfer is settled (status of SUCCESS, FAILED or INCOMPLETE) or has timed out then you won’t be able to download the data.

And yes, large datasets can take quite a few hours to send and receive. When I say large, I mean hundreds of megabytes to gigabytes.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the help :+1: