What in a v2 plugin can cause the UPM to force restart on install or upgrade of the plugin?

I am trying to update an open source plugin (gReview for Bamboo) and the UPM does not simply make it available after upload. I get either “This add-on will be installed when the application is restarted” or “This add-on will be updated when you restart the application”

I’ve written over 40 Atlassian add-ons, and it’s the first time I see these messages. What in this plugin could be forcing a restart ?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated


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It might be worthwhile raising an issue on the gReview issue tracker.

Sure I could ask there too. But looking at the code, I don’t see any obvious reason. It does not look to be a feature of the plugin. I’m guessing the UPM detects something during the upload. Since I wanted to update the plugin anyway I thought I’d tackle this myself. I thought I might have a quicker answer here.

It depends on the modules you’re using. There’s an annotation on some of the modules ( @RequiresRestart ) that basically flags any apps to have to be reloaded when the app starts again).

From looking at the source - these are for 6.4 currently:

  • CapabilityConfigurator
  • CustomIndexReader
  • CustomPostBuildIndex
  • CustomPreBuildQueuedAction
  • PlanDeletionInterceptorAction
  • Repository
  • SpringComponent
  • TriggerReason



Thanks a lot Daniel. I wasn’t aware of this annotation. THe plugion brings a new repository type, that must be the reason then.