What is best way to configure Apach reverse proxy?

I need to configure Apach reverse Proxy solution for JIRA instance. Purpose is to eliminate performance issues from country X. But server is located at County Y.

Where should I place reverse proxy?

Very carefully?

Seriously though - can you expand on your question? Are asking geographically or technically in a code block?

Thx for replay. We have a JIRA server setup in Sweden when accessing from Sweden it it super fast. But our development center located at Sri Lanka (South Asia) when accessing it very slow. That we need to be solve.

I’m planning implement solution using Apach reverse proxy.

Hi @ireshr,

A reverse proxy is not going to solve your issue, unless you are also planning to add caching to the proxy server, in which case it would be best to place the reverse proxy in Sri Lanka. However, there are lots of caveats involved in caching Jira responses so you might want to rethink your options.



It sounds like your Issue is that you have a latency issue. I would suggest digging into that first and then based on that make appropriate modifications. If the majority of your user base is in Sri Lanka, you may want to consider hosting the entire instance there (which will probably hurt though in Sweden).

Your best bet though might be to take a look at the network paths and either optimize them (dedicated vpn tunnel for example) or move the instance to somewhere in between so the latency is evenly split up.

Either way - you might want to reask this question over at community.atlassian.com.

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