What is the best Jira application technology for my project?


I’ve read many documents, but I am a bit confused about the different app integration possibilities, such as the Jira Plugin SDK, Forge, Connect, OAuth2, etc.

Here’s my situation:

I aim to create an app that performs requirement analysis for Jira projects. It will include a backend job that periodically fetches all tickets from a specific project, conducts an analysis on them, and a frontend component that is a regular React app. This app will be displayed in the sidebar when a Jira ticket is opened, showing the analysis results. Additionally, my app will have a separate component that can be added as a dashboard widget for Confluence to display Jira project-level data. Initially, I will target Jira Data Center, but I also plan to make the app deployable for Jira Cloud instances later.

Could you please advise me on which Jira integration stack would be most suitable for this use case?


This helps divide the options very quickly. There are no options designed to work for both. If you’re starting with Data Center, the Java-based Plugin SDK is your best bet. OAuth2 or anything with REST APIs only won’t fit your need to appear inside the Jira user interface.

Defer your decision on Cloud until you are ready. At that point, perhaps the options would be different.