What is the best way to get a notification when something happens in Jira Software?

I am working for Das Keyboard, and I am building applets for the Q software. The applets light up the keyboard keys to provide notifications directly on the keyboard. I have already built a Trello applet that shows notifications for changes made in the cards in a project, and I now want to create a Jira Software applet.

I am looking for a way to get every notifications from a user project, as shown in the attached picture, however, I checked the API and I cannot find any field inside the json response that allows to do that.


What we need to be able to do is have specific information about the project for a given user so we can get a notification. For example, a field “udpated_at” which contains the date when the project was updated (new issue, comment, status etc.)

Could you please let me know if the information I am looking for is available in the current API or in the API v3 that is currently in beta?