What is the meaning behind $.extensions.position that is returned from the Content endpoint?

Hey folks,

I just inspected a Get content by ID REST call and noticed a value that I couldn’t find any documentation on:

  "extensions": {
    "position": 255109798

In the docs I only see the following:

In addition, the following comment-specific expansions can be used:

  • extensions.inlineProperties returns inline comment-specific properties.
  • extensions.resolution returns the resolution status of each comment.

Would be great if an explanation for this could be put into the official docs! :slight_smile:


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Hey Sven,

this field determines the order in which the child pages of a particular page are listed in the page tree. Comparing the position of a page to that of its siblings will determine its position in the page tree, the higher the position number, the further down the pages appear in the tree. Comparing the position to pages that are not its siblings is meaningless.

On Server it used to be that the position was undefined by default, meaning that the sibling pages should be sorted alphabetically. When manually rearranging them, pages got assigned a position.

On Cloud I believe that every page has a position, and its position number seems to be somewhat random. I would be curious to find out what the logic behind the position numbers is.

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