What is the scope needed for the /labels/suggest route?


Does anyone know which scope is required for the route https://api.atlassian.com/ex/jira/xxx/rest/api/2/labels/suggest?customFieldId={{field_id}} ?

I cannot find it in the documentation at all. Ive already tried to use the scope for all labels, but it seems there is a different scope for labels/suggest.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @DinisTavares

What specific documentation are you reading? Your URL contains ‘/rest/api/2/labels/suggest’, but the Jira Cloud v2 REST API’s Get all labels endpoint doesn’t support adding ‘/suggest’ to it.

You’ve provided a link to documentation, but that is for the Jira Cloud v3 REST API, which also doesn’t have any such endpoint at that path.

You haven’t said what method you’re using on that endpoint. PUT, POST, GET?
You also haven’t said what tool / library / language you’re using to access the endpoint.

Maybe you could describe your use case instead.


Sorry I wasn’t clear. I’m using Jira Cloud v2 REST API.

I’m allowing users to create issues from our application directly, so I use the method Get create issue metadata and expand projects.issuetypes.fields to get the fields of an issue type.

In that response, there is an autoCompleteUrl parameter. For label fields specifically, that parameter may look like this https://api.atlassian.com/ex/jira/xxx/rest/api/1.0/labels/suggest?customFieldId={{ID}} but this route is not documented anywhere. (looks like the API version is V1, maybe its no longer supported? )

I want to be able to get the suggested inputs for that custom field specifically, so I make a GET request to this route. However I get an HTTP 403 error, indicating I do not have the correct permissions for this route. I’m unable to find any documentation on this route.

I’m using my own library in GoLang, by the way.


For Label Suggestions we use the API,


fieldValue contains the search string

As far as I remember this will only return labels from the standard Labels and not Custom Field Labels. Maybe something changed since we implemented it, so you may try the API Endpoint with the customfield id instead of labels

To me it looks like you’ve extracted a path to one of Jira’s internal APIs that is used for generating suggestions for custom fields of the type labels and are trying to access it directly for your own purpose, which you’re not supposed to do, that’s why there’s no documentation and access is blocked.

If so, then the topic of all the problems associated with attempting to directly interact with Jira’s internal APIs has been discussed too many times to reiterate here, and I don’t think I will able to help any further.

Good luck and maybe @m.herrmann 's method is the solution


Thanks @m.herrmann , it seems that it only works with fieldnames which will work, but it would be great to filter by ID too!

It seems likely that it is a route to their internal API @sunnyape , but thanks for the help anyways to you both :slight_smile: