What it takes to change existing app's name?

I’m considering changing my existing app’s name to another one in a “comprehensive” way, which means changing app’s name in all places, including (but not limited to):

  • key in app descriptor,
  • app user’s name

It’s Connect app for Confluence Cloud. Is it possible to do, anyone tried to do this successfully (without breaking existing app’s installations)? I suppose Atlassian help would be needed as well with such change?


If you change it in the descriptor and on the marketplace - all that’s left is the app user’s name (which you noted) - at that point you’ll get hit by https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/AC-2448


Thanks @danielwester for this information, I guess I’ll wait for this issue to be resolved first (it’s in progress state so there’s hope it will be). And just to double check descriptor part, changing key in app descriptor of existing app is safe operation?

Hi @LukaszWiatrak,

I’m not confident the “in progress” status of AC-2448 reflects reality. I’ve submitted an enquiry to see if the issue can be prioritised.



What happens, if I change the following in atlassian-connect.json?

  1. key
  2. name

Will it break existing installations?

I tested it for ‘name’. A new minor version will be created and deployed automatically. It did not break any installations. However, I did not test it for ‘key’.

You can’t change the key. It will be seen as a new app.

Even changing the name can cause issues (I believe that the app user name is not changed for example).

FYI, what I eventually did was:

  • Changing app name,
  • Keeping existing app key as it is,
  • Living with what @danielwester mentioned which is having app user name not being changed,

I didn’t have any other issues though