What’s up with Forge & Confluence?

There’s been a lot of great progress on the Forge platform recently, with the new runtime, complex storage queries, improved monitoring, and more. New Jira features are also frequently added to Forge.

However, we have noticed that the development of Confluence specific features has slowed down in the past few months. I went through the Forge changelog and the last new Confluence feature I could find was released eight months ago in December 2022. The only Confluence feature I could find on the Forge roadmap is “rich body macros.”

We have a lot of improvements and features in our backlog that our customers are asking for and that we would be happy to build, but we are blocked by a number of open issues, for example:

Is there anything Atlassian can share about their plans for Forge & Confluence? We would very much appreciate any update that helps us with our own roadmap planning.


Forge macros are really lacking. One thing that really sticks out is the configuration side. It’s impossible to support common configuration patterns at all with UIKit and UIKit is your only option.

Another thing is inline macros only available in UIKit and UIKit doesn’t support inline images.

I constantly get the impression that the people in charge of designing Forge and moving the roadmap forward have never built an add-on with any non-trivial functionality.


I really like Forge but I’m hampered by the constraints around Macro properties. I’ve already moved my Jira app to Forge but my Confluence app has functionality in the macro configuration that just isn’t possible in Forge at the moment, but would be possible if I could use Custom UI for Macro properties (the customer needs to enter code and then see a preview of the result before saving the configuration - not something that’s possible right now).

I keep on checking the Custom UI Support for macro configuration item and really hope that one day it’ll change status (in a good way!)