What’s up with Jira & Confluence Cloud extensibility? A review and sneak peek into the future…

For our app, similar issues finder, we need to get notified for every change on summary when user is creating a new issue. For one of our other app we need to able to filter which versions are shown depending on selected component. We can do this kind of things on the server but it is not possible for cloud. I know your DOM is not a part of your API but it is available if you want it. We need a similar power for cloud.

@kderenda thanks a lot for this update, it’s great to see all those plans, and exciting improvements.

I have a question about Atlassian Connect Javascript API. I did not see much of movements in ACJS since 2019(please check this filter on EAN). Is it reasonable to expect more work being done in this area during upcoming months? What’s the end game for ACJS?


Hi @rmassaioli.

There is tons of examples. E.g. mingle with the UI, like present stuff on custom location, augment the service desk portals with UI stuff (my server plugin does this, and I have had many requests for cloud support). BR

Also, what is the problem loading custom javascript?

Security wise, when accepting a Cloud add-on, you are as a Jira Cloud customer accepting the risk that the developer may extract data from your Jira. So, essentially, security is not worse or better, if enabling custom javascript.

Hey @UlrichKuhnhardtIzym1 :slight_smile: I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but we don’t have any public timelines for Forge Marketplace availability at the moment. As soon as that changes, we’ll be sure to share that information here on the Community.


Hi @kderenda, thanks for the update - much appreciated!

Any chance you will work on the issue view popup API for the apps? https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-495

This is a critical enabler for all apps that have their own pages with some issue representation.


@christoffer good catch, here’s the correct JQL for recently resolved Confluence documentation bugs. I’ve also made an edit in the post. It should work at your end but if not, let me know.


@Grzegorz.Tanczyk thanks. Regarding Atlassian Connect Javascript API we plan some work in this area in the long term but there are no short term plans as of now. As we grow confidence in the long term planning, we will be posting more information on that. If this is about a specific server app use case that you’d like to bring to cloud I’d like to know more details.


@sereda thanks for bringing this to my attention. It does not have any fixed timeline, but I will follow up on this internally. I aim to post an update on the issue by the end of next week.


I think there are two opportunities - to extend the profile information itself and to provide access to information from apps that are specific to a user. Specific UI elements would be:

  • Add tabs along side Worked on, View all
  • Add custom profile fields to About
  • Add custom panels beneath About

I do think we would need to be careful about the UX, but the user profile is an under-utilised capability in Cloud (although better than it was in the past).


I’m looking forward to https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-413, thanks :grinning:

Thanks for the effort. Unfortunately it stays broken, although now it’s a different error:

A value with ID ‘19070’ does not exist for the field ‘project’.

Thanks @james.dellow agree that we need to be careful with the UX. Seems like quite a few apps would benefit from user profile extensibility, not many are blocked entirely but per user app setting could be useful to many.

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@christoffer project visibility setting for documentation stands in the way. Sorry about the confusion.

@PeterConrad or @JasonPhan can you summarise the recent documentation fixes and add links to pages we’ve improved in a comment?

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@hirota.takayuki thanks for bringing this up. This work has not been planned. Let me review this with the team and post an update on the issue by the end of the week. Getting this information from the user profile would be part of the overall user profile extensibility. Can you add some information about the app which needs that? Is this an existing server apps which you want to build for cloud?


Some thoughts on Confluence extensibility…

User profiles

I agree with @james.dellow about options to extend the user profile – I have a use case where adding screens within the user profile would be extremely helpful.

Macro input parameters

The new macro tutorial should give a worked example of how to use a macro input parameter of type attachment in Confluence Cloud.

Here’s some examples of people who have asked how this can be used:

I am not aware of a way to trigger this to work at all in Confluence Cloud.

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One Confluence blocker we have (and that we have raised before when asked) is the need for a API to send “workbox” (in-app) notifications and/or email as is possible in server/DC. No workarounds exist for apps to provide in-app notifications, and GDPR limitations make running our own email notification service impractical. Besides, it would be superior to piggyback on existing Confluence notification preference settings.


Super strong +1 for what @BobBergman said! Opening up the notifications to apps would be highly appreciated.

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Yes, the ability to send “workbox” (in-app) notifications and/or email would be great to have

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Conditions on webhooks would be useful too.