What scopes are required to fetch a Confluence group by ID?

Hi all,

[Crossposted from another category since I’m not sure if this is a Forge bug or otherwise]

My app has the read:confluence-groups scope.

Within a custom UI resource, calling from the browser using requestConfluence(), I can use the original get-group-by-name API to fetch a group without difficulty.

However, the new get-group-by-ID API always returns HTTP 401 with:

{"code":401,"message":"Unauthorized; scope does not match"}

What scope does the app need to access the get-group-by-ID API?

The docs for the get-group-by-name API list the read:confluence-groups scope, but the docs for get-group-by-ID do not list any scopes at all. (This same API works just fine from a Connect app.)



Hi @scott.dudley

I can confirm that looking at the documentation, the get-groupby-ID API does not support oauth scopes, meaning that it cannot yet be used by Forge.

I have reached out to the team internally and they are aware of this misalignment between the 2 APIs and are in the process of fixing this.

I cannot give you a date yet but it is being worked on and this API should be usable by Forge very soon :slight_smile: