What setup is required for JIRA to send fetch request to a private on premise deployed application?


I am developing a Jira forge app to integrate with an on-premise deployed web application.
Using fetch function to send the request, in the case that the on-premise application is not reachable from the internet, what is a typical setup recommended in Jira to resolve it?
Like a jumpbox maybe?
I am considering to add such setting into a “connector” as properties and expose it to the users to provide the setting input.
Any ideas will be appreciated.


Any thoughts on this?

@HaoranSong welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

In my role, I keep up with what a lot of internal teams are doing with Forge, and this seems like what we’re working on to improve Jenkins integration. Unfortunately, it’s too soon to share that, even at a high-level because it’s unproven. For developers in our ecosystem, there have been some experiments with “remote compute” that might provide some hints. For example: See Visualize with AWS – maintain diagrams as code with Atlassian Forge at Atlassian Community Events Berlin-Brandenburg

Otherwise, you are mostly pioneering an unsolved scenario with Forge. As such, please do let us know what you try and how well it works.


OK, thanks.
Please do let us know when you have the solution ready from your Jenkins integration.