What should be returned when getting comment property keys?

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I am working on a project which rewrites the comments section of an issue. I am looking for some direction on re-ordering the comments. Ideally I would like to be able to reorder and insert comments where I choose while keeping the meta-data. Looking over the available API’s it appears this functionality is not available. What information is suppose to be returned when using the “/rest/api/2/comment/{commentId}/properties” API call? I would assume all of the meta-data of the comment but currently I am seeing no comment properties being returned from the API call. Any help with achieving my objective will be greatly appreciated.



Hi @patrick_hutchinson,

Jira comments can only be sorted chronologically or reverse chronologically. While the API accepts created and updated body parameters, these will be ignored by Jira. It’s not possible to retroactively modify the history of comments.

/rest/api/2/comment/{commentId}/properties returns any entity properties that have been set for a comment. Entity properties are not the same as metadata like creation date.

You should be able to create and edit comments, but I don’t think you will be able to reorder them or prevent Jira from marking them as edited. You could consider creating your own issue view web panel that has a custom presentation of the comments.

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hello @dmeyer , I am now figuring how to reverse the comments displayed on my issue-view page chronologically. Is there any solution on achieving this goal? Thank you.