What value is shown as a "title macro" in the new live macro in Confluence Cloud editor?

Hi team,
We have noticed a significant change in the way live macros are shown in the Confluence Cloud editor.

As far as we have understood the title of the macro show the “key” value in the app json manifest, right?

Is there a way to customise this? For historical reason the “key” associated with our app is “mockup” but since years we have changed the name of the product to “Balsamiq Wireframes”.
Is there a way to set what to be shown a macro “title”?


Has this changed recently?

The grey box is supposed to be hidden for any macros with bodyType: none

I just ran some tests:
bodyType: none + outputType: block = grey box (shouldn’t be showing)
bodyType: none + outputType: inline = no grey box