What webhook handles user mentions in confluence cloud

This page lists all the available webhooks on Confluence Cloud. I am having a hard time figuring out which webhook, if any, provides information on user mentions. So for example, if a user is mentioned on a page or comment, which webhook provides that information?

If no particular webhook handles that outright, is there a way to derive that information from a particular webhook or a combination with the api?

@ibuchanan can you please help me out on this ?


:person_shrugging: I confirm that none of the webhook events is directly tied to user mentions.

As for deriving it, a client would need to listen for all content changes, then process all content to see if there were mention nodes in ADF, while remembering which mentions have been processed. In all, that’s so highly coupled and stateful that it seems impractical. I’m not aware than any Cloud App has “intercepted” mentions.

The Confluence Cloud app for Slack has the mention feature.

I will look into the mention nodes. Thanks

@ibuchanan is it possible to find out how Confluence Cloud app for Slack does notify on mentions?



As much as I would like to help, I do not have time to track down the people who built that app and find out for you.

I’m not sure the answer would be helpful. Our internal teams can and do access mechanisms not available in public APIs. The teams don’t do this without also reporting their “workarounds” to the owning team. But one Atlassian team’s report is often insufficient to get the necessary APIs public.

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Thanks @ibuchanan