What's happening with the Issue Details View Popup functionality?

Hi Guys,

Can anyone tell me what’s happening with the popup dialog replacing the sidebar in the issue details view? As far as I understand, there’s no way to add our add-on in there.

Base on a comment left by @dmeyer in this thread, it’s supposed to be eventually rolled out to new Jira Cloud without the capability to remove it.

I have received another request from a customer asking about this so I would like to know the future of this functionality and if it will support web panels from add-ons.

Finally, what’s the feedback from Atlassian’s customer? I personnaly like the sidebar as I can quickly navigate from one issue to the next without losing context. A popup fails at both.

Hey @yvesriel, I can give you some more information on this topic.

Since Dave’s post back in November, we have sent out some more information in December about our upcoming Alpha program. The Alpha program is being used to provide information and time for app developers to use the new APIs and see their apps in the new issue detail view before we start rolling out to customers who have apps installed. You are correct that you cannot see apps in this new view at the moment (it’s only out to some customers and only on the board & backlog views).

Be sure to sign up using the links below! This will be started soon, we are wrapping up some development work, API documentation, design guidelines, and lots of examples to make it very easy to make changes.

You can read more and sign up your cloud dev instance here:

blog: Alpha program for the new Jira Cloud issue view - Atlassian Developer Blog
Community forum post: Sign up to develop against the new Jira Cloud issue view - #4 by pvandevoorde

Finally, the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive but at the same time we have learned a lot about different preferences in how people work and still have things we need to address. We are using this feedback to continuously improve the design model and prioritize how we build out more complex functionality.

To be transparent with you about what we are seeing re: your comment on the modal view on the boards, the majority do really enjoy it. However, we do have a smaller group of users, who typically are looking at many issues and clicking through a lot, preferring the sidebar for the reason you describe (they do not want to have to close the modal to move to the next issue). We will address and provide a solution to these use cases in the future, but we are currently focused on getting ecosystem support and performance :slight_smile:.

I hope this provides a window into our thinking here and next steps! I look forward to getting your feedback during the Alpha program.


Hi Taylor,

Thanks a lot for the detailed answer! I’m pretty sure that I did register last time when I saw the initial post but I guess I forgot about it. From what I can see, you haven’t contacted any vendor so that may explain why I didn’t hear anything. Just to be on the safe side I registered again :slight_smile:

I guess that real problem for the moment is that we are facing customers who raise bugs thinking that our add-on is broken.

One last thing, about your feedback, I don’t know if you have information that can segregate the feedback. I would be surprised that the majority of programmers enjoy having popups in the scrum board. We often move from one task to the other. So, if the use case for this is implemented at a later time, you might be faced with hostile feedback when it goes live and especially if it can’t be turned of.



Yeah first off, I can see where you are coming from re: the bugs. We have tried to mitigate this through a few strategies:

  • by controlling the rollout to those who do not use add-ons (but a few have gotten through which is most likely where your support bugs are coming from).
  • by providing a per-user opt-out if that customer relies on a particular add-on they could opt-out. We are seeing very very low numbers here.
  • By only rolling out to the board/backlog which (relatively speaking) has less apps than the full issue page view or the issue navigator.

We are looking at possibly adding more explicit guidance about ecosystem apps not being visible on the new issue detail view yet, but we haven’t had enough volume / push back from customers yet on our end to change our plan. Plus we are pretty close to adding apps in, which is the ideal solution :slight_smile:

Do you know if the volume has been increasing on your end or relatively stable and low? Might I recommend to respond by saying the new issue detail view does not have app support yet, but is coming soon. There is a per-user toggle in your profile or in the … on the issue in the top right to disable it to get the app back. Also, point them to https://confluence.atlassian.com/jiracorecloud/the-new-jira-issue-view-938040503.html to watch for updates.

Re: the feedback. We do a bunch of different analysis on the information we are collecting via feedback, quantitatively, qualitatively, and follow-up interviews as part of our feedback loop for this work. So far, we are seeing a lot of enjoyment with the new design including the switch to a modal. The modal vs. side panel as a conceptual way of working on a board is something we are continuing to learn about and will make changes as necessary. I do appreciate your feedback here!

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Thanks for the link. I do tell customers that the new modal view doesn’t support add-ons yet but the link will help make it more official :slight_smile:

Regarding the volume of complaints: It’s not dramatic at all, only a few so far. But is looks like the last one was pushed the update while they had the add-on. It’s just that I wanted to know more about it in case that number increases and to give proper feedback to my customers.

Thanks a lot again for all the details. It really helps to understand where you’re going with it.

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Ah right, opting in users while they had an add-on installed in the ADV location was not intended on our part. We are trying to limit bad UX experiences like that during this transition as much as possible.

You should not see numbers increase, but if you do, please reach out to me here so we can identify the cause and find a solution.

Anytime, I am really excited about getting ecosystem feedback during the Alpha program so we can make sure we are providing an awesome experience for our customers.