What's the best practice to inform add-on users about new version?

Hello. I want to add new features into my awesome Jira Cloud add-on. But, unfortunately, I’m not sure that old users will get information about new features.

The first idea was: to add modal window to show changelog on update. But it could be not okay from the users standpoint. I mean, such modal could negatively effect user’s experience(actualy it looks like spam window inside Jira add-on).

The second idea: to set small icon blinking on update and user will click on it to get changelog. But this way some users could ignore changes.

How do you solve such issues? May be there is the best way to deal with it?

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Hi, you can create app version manually, fill in the release note. Then when new version is created, users should get an email with that release note.

Unfortunately if you have the same listing for server and cloud app it does’t work.


We’ve implemented independent service to deliver notifications. Add-ons make the request to this service and get actual data. Each notification marked with add-on identifier.