When user is not logged in Jira is not redirecting to login page when app general page is accessed using direct link

We have general pages in our app and we send the link in email notification to users if there is any action expected from user. When clicked on the direct link to app page, if user is not already logged in, it shows error with title “Somthing’s gone wrong” (please see the attached screenshot)
For general page we have added condition “user_is_logged_in” along with other and conditions, still its not redirecting to login page.
How can we force users to redirect to login page in such cases? We receive support requests saying direct link is not working, some users don’t notice its due to the fact they are not logged in to Jira.

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Hi @parag

thank you for reporting the problem.
I tried to reproduce the issue but didn’t manage to do it - I’m getting 401 screen.
Could you provide a repository with an example code and exact steps to reproduce? Then we’ll be able to diagnose the problem properly.


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Hi @mskrzypkowski,
Thank you for checking, I don’t have example repo but below are the steps to reproduce the issue using our marketplace app -


Hi, @parag,

I was able to reproduce the problem. Thanks! Currently the problem is being analyzed how to properly fix it.


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That’s great @srybka


@srybka @mskrzypkowski any updates guys? It is a pretty big issue.

A similar issue also appears in the forge apps, and we plan to solve both topics at the same time. We chose this problem as a candidate for the next sprint.


Hello @srybka, is there any tentative go live date for this issue?


You can use this url https://id.atlassian.com/login?application=jira&continue=
and put continue parameter to the URL-encoded url you want your customer to end up.

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We have the same issue. It is not redirecting user to login page as expected but gives a general error having 401 under the hood.

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Is there any development on this?

Additionally, is there an issue on jira.atlassian.com about this so we can watch the progress?

Hi @moveworkforward thank you, this workaround solved issue for us, for now.

Hi @srybka , any updates with this one? as I was checking it, currently there’s nothing the addon can do in order to redirect the user (like the solution given by @moveworkforward) since it will not continue to load the addon’s entry point.

or @moveworkforward, is it possible to share what you did with the URL you gave?

@StevenPila We have one of our pages in the continue parameters as URL-encoded. If the user is logged in the redirection is seamless, otherwise, the user is forced to log in. We don’t have anything special on our page, except we expect the user to be logged in.

I just came across this and, since I couldn’t find a ticket on jira.atlassian.com, I went ahead and created on for this:
[JRACLOUD-78566] When accessing an app direct link as an unauthenticated user, the redirection to the login page doesn't work - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.