When will ADF be used for Confluence?

ADF = Atlassian Document Format (documentation)

At AtlasCamp, we’ve been told about the new ADF, the new JSON-based format that will be used (in lieu of XHTML or wikimarkup) in Jira comments. But I can’t find, or I’ve missed the infos about the publish dates.

Will it be deployed for Confluence Server? I wonder whether I should upgrade my PageUpdated event listeners to parse using ADF instead of XML.

Will it be deployed for Confluence Cloud? I’ll soon create a new plugin for Cloud, it’s better if I do it right the first time.

Thank you!


I second that! The format seems like a great idea. It would be very helpful to get some insights into when it is planned to be deployed on the different platforms.

Here are some resources I have found, no information about targeted release versions or alike though:

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Regarding Confluence Server, currently we have no plans to introduce ADF. My understanding is that ADF is tightly coupled with the new Editor which is being rolled out in Cloud.
No plans does not mean never, it just means that it is not something which we are actively discussing or put on any sort of roadmap at this time.

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@abarnes, what about Jira Server? Are there plans to introduce ADF to Jira Server?

The question assumed “Confluence Server”.
Also, I’m pleased to note that it’s been live on Confluence Cloud.