Where can I get a "Developer license" for Jira

I’ve bought a $10 license as usual to get the source of Jira, which I can get. However, it seems the button “Get developer license” on my.atlassian.com has disappeared.

Does anyone has any info on that?

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Why do you want to buy developer license second time?

I don’t want to buy a developer license a second time, I want to get the “developer license” corresponding to the “commercial license”:

  • For each commercial license bought,
  • You get a license key for production,
  • You get a “developer license” key for all development instances.

Starter licenses haven’t had the developer licenses (my guess is that the thinking is that at that level you wouldn’t really have a standby server). You should have access to the source code though.

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If you are trying to perform testing on your app: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/marketplace/timebomb-licenses-for-testing-server-apps/

Hi Robert and Daniel,

Thank you very much for your answers. Daniel nailed it, and Robert added the link to timebomb licenses - It seems like host licenses were recently added to that page which previously only contained timebomb licenses for plugins. That is what I was looking for (However I haven’t tested them, because I used my paid license for a developer installation).

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Very annoying.

We only need a starter license, because we are less than 10 people.
We also used development licenses for our dev, test… servers, as we develop add-Ons.

What is a solution for this problem? (Nothing)

Buying a 270x more expensive license?

Timebom licenses are not really a solution for this problems, as it is just not reliable to restart servers every now and then, espc. not for developers, without direct access to virtualization.

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