Where can one find Bitbucket Data Center JSON or YAML Spec

It is very challenging to find the current status of BitBucket DataCenter as all verbiage combines it with Server which is being deprecated.

Trying to find and better understand if BitBucket DataCenter will still exist past Feb2024 and where once can find the JSON or Yaml Specification of all the endpoints.
Much of the documentation states that only integrations via Atlassian SDK work, but there are references to the RestAPI.

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According to the Atlassian end-of-life policy, Bitbucket 8.8 will be supported through 7 Feb 2025. And there have been no announcements indicating that would be the last release of Bitbucket Data Center. The official statements on many pages seem clear to me:

Important changes to our Server and Data Center products
We’ve ended sales for new server licenses and will end support for server on February 15, 2024 PT. We’re continuing investment in Data Center with several key improvements. Learn what this means for you.

So, yes, Bitbucket Data Center will continue past 2024.

While I can understand Server & Data Center are often conflated in our documentation, perhaps the important thing to know is the binary for Bitbucket Data Center is the same as for Bitbucket Server; hence, the REST API is the same (with maybe 1 special end-point for Data Center configuration noted in the docs):


On that page, you’ll find an ellipsis link (three dots) with links to the Open API spec (in JSON) and a Postman collection.

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Thank you for clearing this up.
Yes, the conflation of Server and Data Center is confusing.

Thank you for pointing to the JSON, I had not even seen the ellipsis link until you mentioned it

Thanks for the link to the OpenAPI spec!
I browsed through the REST API and I noticed that some sections have unrelated content. For example all repo reviewer groups endpoints are listed under the ‘Pull requests’ section.