Where can we find release notes for atlassian-plugins-osgi-javaconfig?

Hi there,

We are using the Spring Java Configuration for one of our apps. We just realized that we are on an old version and wanted to upgrade to 0.3.1, but weren’t able to find any release notes.

Do you have any idea where we can find them? :smiley:


(Shamelessly summoning @aswan)

Hi Sven, they are here. Let me know if you can’t access them.

TL;DR if you bump to 0.3.1 and fix any compile errors, you should be fine. :slight_smile:


Hi @aswan,

Thanks for the quick reply, the link, and the TLDR! Indeed the release notes do not seem to be accessible for us, though.


Sorry about that, how about this wiki page?

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That works! Thanks a lot @aswan!