Where did the sample apps/documentation for Confluence referentiality go?

In this post – “Developer Preview of Referentiality within Confluence Released!”, @GTD references sample apps here:

Both of these are now 404ing and I can’t find any documentation for Confluence referentiality elsewhere.

Confluence referentiality could be a great way to add interoperability and chaining to Confluence macros if the documentation is kept up to date.

The current documentation here – https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/confluence/modules/dynamic-content-macro/#:~:text=refDataSchema,within%20the%20Editor. – is seriously suboptimal and perhaps even incorrect.

I’d hate to think that this was marked as done once it was shipped and does not get properly maintained or supported. Please prove me wrong.


PS, thanks to @candid for providing what I see currently appears to be the definitive documentation.


@dmorrow do you know anything about Confluence referentiality sample apps?

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