Where does Jira store the current "build number" of an app's PluginUpgradeTask?

I’m looking for the Jira database table where Jira stores the latest (highest) “build number” returned by an app’s upgrade tasks (PluginUpgradeTask objects). It’s the highest number returned by PluginUpgradeTask#getBuildNumber() for all your app’s upgrade tasks that have already been applied.

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Jira stores this value in propertystring table, below is query that returns last build number for given plugin key

select e.*, s.propertyvalue from propertyentry e inner join propertystring s on s.id = e.id
where e.PROPERTY_KEY = 'plugin.key:build';

Thanks @marcin.kosmala! Of course, they had to hide it in a property value… :smiley:
Fairly useful to force a replay of upgrade tasks during testing…

Thanks a lot Marcin!
Really hard to find things like this in Jira/Confluence.