Where does the app name come from in request access screen?

I tried to change the app name in phrase “better-contexts-for-select-lists is requesting access to your Atlassian account.” (in the request access screeen that opens when the app is first installed). However, I could not find from where the app name here is fed. “better-contexts-for-select-lists” was the initial key for the app, but we have changed the name in developer console and in marketplace version details. Is there anyone who knows how to change it or whether it is possible to change it?

Thanks for the help in advance,


I’m talking with the team responsible for this part now. Hopefully we can get an answer to you soon.


Hi @NeclaMutlu2 ,

If the app has already been deployed to production, you’ll need to reach out to our developer support team to update the details.

This is the ticket to track the current limitation: [FRGE-525] - Ecosystem Jira

Here is the direct link to request the change: Jira Service Management
It will help if you add a reference to the FRGE-525 ticket for the team to action it as soon as possible.