Where does the vendor name in the Forge oauth installation name come from?

We have an app that we’re installing - we’re trying to figure out where the part that says
“Allow XXX XXXX XXX to do this?
By clicking Accept, you agree XXXX XXXX XXXXsprivacy policy.”

comes from.

Any ideas?




I think that comes from the “Company/Department” setting of your app. Go to the developer console (https://developer.atlassian.com/console/myapps), select your app, click on “Distribution” in the menu, and edit the distribution controls.

I’m scared that you might be right and that might explain why I can’t find it… (Once an app is published in the marketplace that gets removed).

Hoping that somebody from the Forge team will help.

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Hi @danielwester
As far as I remember, this comes from an app name which you can change in Dev Console settings.

Screenshots or any hints because I can’t find it?

Sure thing.

Yep changed the name there - that affect the app name only on the dev consent screen. It did not change the name on the production version nor do I have a way of changing the vendor name…

Is this an issue with the marketplace integration and the features aren’t built out completely?

It’s hard to say. Would it be possible to record a video of what’s going on on your side?

Don’t need a video. Basically we have an app on the marketplace which we built using Forge. We can’t update anything on the configuration page for the production target. More than happy to get on a call to explain if necessary. But basically for a Marketplace connected app/production environment where does one update the highlighted items:

I’m able to update the name and icon for the “Forge development environment”. But there doesn’t seem to a way to update the company name for development environments. There also doesn’t to be. a way to update production at all.


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After investigating this further, we now understand that it is not possible to update these details in a self-service way.

This is now tracked as [FRGE-525] Update of the app information (including App name, Company/Department and App avatar) should be self-service so that the consent screen info can show the updated values without any Atlassian intervention - Ecosystem Jira

While this is addressed, the developer support team can help if partners need the any update.