Where is CommentLikeService moved in Bitbucket 8.9.0


The com.atlassian.bitbucket.comment.like.CommentReactionService seems to not be present in 8.9.x (maybe other 8.x series as well). While in older versions it is present.
Does anyone know where is moved to?

In Bitbucket 8.9.x OSGi explorer:

In Bitbucket 7.14.x OSGi explorer:


You’re absolutely right. We forgot to export the CommentReactionService (the replacement for CommentLikeService) for plugin developers in Bitbucket 7.7+. I’m very sorry about that.

I fixed the issue and created BSERV-14120 to track its release. Unfortunately, this means plugins needing this service will only be compatible with specific bugfix versions until 8.12.0.

Again, I’m sorry for the oversight.