Where is the Bamboo Plugin Hello World Task Example

This may seem silly but where is the HelloWorld task type plugin for bamboo located after you install the SDK?

Writing a Task with User Interface

I’m a .NET developer so JAVA is a little different to me espcially how files are grouped and organized. So not being able to find the complete source code and supporting files so i can see the BIG picture is making it hard to really understand the tutorial

This is not a silly question at all, rather a questionable odd decision from the Atlassian SDK team a while ago:

Despite tasks being the most important Bamboo unit of work and therefore rightfully the default plugin example back then, they have removed it during an unrelated refactoring/cleanup - my resp. follow up issue ‘timed out’ later, and to be honest, given the lack of feedback and developer love by Atlassian at the time, I lacked the motivation to follow up, see Add Task Plugin Module type for Bamboo (AMPS-1133) for details:

With AMPS-924 being closed as Won’t Fix, I recalled that atlas-create-bamboo-plugin-module lacks an option to add a Task Plugin Module, which means it is difficult for beginners to get started with Bamboo development (and more laborious than necessary for advanced users, e.g. for quick protoyping/testing).

Given Bamboo converged to tasks as the most relevant and most frequently implemented extension point, it would be very helpful to have a ‘Task Plugin Module’ available and get a working Bamboo add-on skeleton to start from in two easily communicated steps, just like for other products (the concise and easy to follow Introduction to writing Tasks notwithstanding).

Given the developer experience team has grown again since and things have improved accordingly, I guess it’s worth a shot trying to get it reopened (I’ve looped in @mpaisley via a comment) …


In terms of seeing the big picture, your best bet might be to look at one of the available open source Bamboo task plugins on Bitbucket (Google site search) - for example:

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The SDK examples are here: https://bitbucket.org/atlassianarchive/bamboo-sdk-examples/src/default/

When I click on this link https://bitbucket.org/atlassianarchive/bamboo-sdk-examples/src/default/ I am denied access. I believe that I have a developer account. What sort of access do I need to see the answer to this developer community question? -SR