Where to ask: in Confluence Cloud with tag forge or here?

There are two ways to ask a “forge plus confluence” question. Here or in confluence cloud. I was wondering after having asked two questions in the other area:

What is the best category to ask such questions?

Hi Gerben,

The rule of thumb would be that platform-level Forge questions should be asked here, and specific Confluence questions should be asked in the Confluence forum.

The Table component is a Forge platform component (i.e. it can be used in any Forge app) so it’s appropriate to ask here. Likewise, subscribing to Forge events is a platform-level question.

Perhaps if you’d asked “Which events should I subscribe to to capture page title changes?” then that is Confluence specific and so best to ask in that forum.

To answer your first question, sorry, it’s not currently possible to set the width of a column in a UI Kit table. For that kind of flexibility, you would need to use Custom UI.

We’re currently reviewing all our UI Kit components so that might change in future but I can’t make any promises at the moment.

As for subscribing to events, this is a Jira tutorial but it works the same way for Confluence apps.