Where to find out more information about each method in VelocitySitemeshPage

I am new to Confluence. I hope to find out the purpose of each method in class VelocitySitemeshPage. What I am able to find online is Java docs for the signature of its methods. No additional info. Very frustrating.

Could anyone point me to the right place for this type of information?


I wouldn’t rely on Atlassian provided velocity objects. I would suggest creating your own servlet or action and then making the data that you want available. It will make your add-on much easier to maintain between product upgrades.

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Daniel, thanks for chiming in! The reason I am looking for this info is because I am reading some Confluence files such as main.vmd to understand how it works. Inside main.vmd, there are many uses of this class. For example:

$sitemeshPage.getProperty(“page.username”)Preformatted text


Looking at the code - VelocitySitemeshPage is just a facade for HTMLPage (https://github.com/sitemesh/sitemesh2/blob/master/src/java/com/opensymphony/module/sitemesh/HTMLPage.java ) which is set by Confluence’s Sitemesh implementation when it receives the page. All of the get* basically turns around and calls things on it.

If you’re still curious about it - take a look at ConfluenceSitemeshDecorator in the source, but since it’s at the sitemesh layer - you might not want to… (This is the point where I usually close the ide and slowly back away).