Where to find Real Life Jira Sample Data


Short answer is you can’t directly.

Longer answer is that you can restore to a local Jira Data Center, on the latest version, then use Jira Cloud Migration Assistant to move the data. This means you would still need to troubleshoot all the import problems that may be indicated above, before migrating the data. You may also want to make some adjustments in the data to fit your needs. I have never seen the data itself, but if truly representative, it would have many active users. I would disable all but 1 login before migrating to Cloud so that you don’t have pay for Jira licensing on test data. And I don’t know if there are Apps represented in the data, but (depending on which Apps) migrating that data too could be its own effort. In all, you would have to treat the whole test data with most of the same concerns as moving a real Jira Server to Jira Cloud.

@ibuchanan / @aliakhtar the data is from the data generator, so not amazing in terms of quality. I would love to see the devrel team collaborate with the solutions partner team that owns Teams in Space to provide developers with an automatically generated TIS + added data for scale testing import file on a regular basis (so dates and whatnot remain up to date).

Edit, Ali, what Ian wrote about the import process is correct. I made this back in the day for DC testing.