Where to find Real Life Jira Sample Data

I am writing a plugin and I would like to use real sample data for testing. Would it be possible to get API access to jira.atlassian.com or to json exports of the issues data for scrum boards?
Does anyone know any other sources of real life sample data (I already found the pomodoro projects).
Thanks in advance,

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@boris once shared a dataset (Jira 7.3, postgres, 8GB of issues). I think I still have it somewhere, not sure though if he’s ok with me reposting it :innocent:

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Thanks @remie, @boris that would be perfect for me. I hope you feel okay sharing it.
Hopefully I can return the favor soon!



Thanks a lot @boris! I won’t be able to download it until later today in the afternoon. This looks perfect!
Thanks, thanks, thanks!


Hello @jerry.laster,

I’m not sure if this app could be useful for you https://marketplace.atlassian.com/apps/1210725/data-generator-for-jira?hosting=server&tab=overview

I use that once for a demo and it worked really well.

Let me know.

Cheers! :grinning:

Thanks @huwen.arnone. I’m aware of the tool but I need real data for the test.

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Hi @boris
This is made up data for last ad testing. I’m looking for actual data because I’m working on a machine learning algorithm that analyzes lean metrics.
Any old stale Scrum project information will work for me.

If you find someone willing to hand over prod data, you let me know.

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http://jira.atlassian.com/ Exposes production data, just not via API. Do you know who could make the decision to share with me old data from there?

Edit: Funny. I can’t access it anymore. It may have been a glitch.

JAC has huge sections of it that aren’t public. For example, security issues are kept hidden until they are formally announced. If someone gave you an XML export, you would have access to that kind of info. Same thing is true for Apache’s Jira, and every other public Jira I know of.

JAC is also not a working system, it is more of a public record. All actual work occurs on internal Jira systems within the Atlassian network. You won’t find any relevant agile data on JAC.

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Thanks a lot for the time to answer my questions!
This is an amazing community.
Looking forward to contributing as I learn more.

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I am working on a project that predict the time and cost of software project using Scrum model (Agile methodology); I would like to use real sample data for testing. Please, anyone can help me regarding that or suggest me something. I shall be very thankful to you.

Kind Regards,

I have to restored your database but can’t login Jira.
Could you please share username and password for me?
I need the data for test.

Thank you

I don’t remember what the credentials are. Maybe admin:admin, maybe admin:sphere, or something else. I would use the steps from https://confluence.atlassian.com/jira/retrieving-the-jira-administrator-192836.html to gain access

Hallo @boris,
First thank you for sharing this dataset with us. It is quite valuable. I was able to restore the database and open Jira. I have already re-indexed. However, Jira hang completely once I try to view any issue. Do you have an idea how to resolve this problem?
I could see the list of issues in each project but viewing the information of an issue hang Jira.
Thank you!

Not sure, you would need to investigate it within the Jira logs.

Hi Mohamed, I see that you have been able to reindex it. Would it be possible to share the approach for the same with us?

Hello All,

I am in desperate need to source a database that has meaningful real-life sample issues within the JIRA backend database. I would really appreciate if anyone would be able to share a similar database.

I am only using this for academic research purposes. so would highly appreciate if anyone would be able to assist with the same please.

would really appreciate all of your prompt responses.

@boris @muhammad.hamid

Thank you all very much in advance.

@boris Sorry to resurrect this old thread - but how can this .sql file be imported into a cloud Jira instance?