Which event is triggered when "assign to me" button is clicked

I’m trying to catch any event triggered when we assign a ticket to oneself (as assignee or reporter)

I have a use case where I have a custom field depending of the assignee (or reporter) and I wanted it be updated on the fly.

I’m listening to this event :


It works for all case but the case where I click assign to me. It seems that there is another kind of event triggered specifically here.

I came across this list of events related to new content :

    "NEW_CONTENT_ADDED": "newContentAdded",
    "NEW_PAGE_ADDED": "newPageAdded",
    "REFRESH_TOGGLE_BLOCKS": "refreshToggleBlocks",
    "CHECKBOXMULITSELECT_READY": "checkboxMultiSelectReady",
    "VALIDATE_TIMETRACKING": "validateTimeTracking",
    "ISSUE_REFRESHED": "issueRefreshed",
    "PANEL_REFRESHED": "panelRefreshed",
    "INLINE_EDIT_SAVE_COMPLETE": "inlineEditSaveComplete",
    "INLINE_EDIT_STARTED": "inlineEditStarted",
    "BEFORE_INLINE_EDIT_CANCEL": "inlineEditCancelled",
    "INLINE_EDIT_BLURRED": "inlineEditBlurred",
    "INLINE_EDIT_FOCUSED": "inlineEditFocused",
    "INLINE_EDIT_REQUESTED": "inlineEditRequested",
    "LOCK_PANEL_REFRESHING": "lockPanelRefreshing",
    "UNLOCK_PANEL_REFRESHING": "unlockPanelRefreshing",
    "REFRESH_ISSUE_PAGE": "refreshIssuePage",
    "__amdModuleName": "jira/util/events/types"

I tested those and they are not helping with my use case.

Any help ?