Which tool do I need

I want to create an App for Confluence Cloud which is able to receive requests via an API over the Internet.

The Request triggers the application to retrieve the content of a specified page and its children and then return a list of the available pages.

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer ” https://our-atlassian/getnewspageslist/

{ “news_pages”: [ “page-title1”, “page-title2”, “page-title3”] }


We want the latest news posted in confluence to appear in our intranet (.net).
Ideally the intranet page calls the app running in altassian cloud via API and get a list of the title and content of the individual confluence pages.

Is this achievable with forge? Most examples and tutorials are focused to bring logic into confluence pages rather than provide an endpoint for locally hosted scripts.

My first idea was to have a program retrieve the relevant data via the official confluence api, however that needs (in my understanding) a token or some kind of authentication linked to an existing account which would require an additional license. This is not wanted by our company, so it has to run on atlassian cloud.

I’m thankful for any kind of insight, so if you could point me to any documentation that would be very helpful!

Hi @AnnaChristina
EDIT: Apologies my last response was incorrect. You can deploy a Forge app and expose the endpoint through web triggers.
Here are the relevant documentation on web triggers:

Check out Forge’s scheduled trigger. It sounds like what you are after. From the docs, It seems possible for you to use this to make a request to Confluence to retrieve what you want, then post this information via API to your intranet on a periodic schedule.

You will still need to somehow authenticate the request to Confluence. See product authentication. There is authentication called asApp() that performs authentication against your app’s permissions. I do not know if your app will occupy a license seat in Confluence. I don’t think so but it may require some experimentation.