While creating issue using POST issue method getting due date error


Using create issue api of jira cloud platform and getting error while sending duedate field with json body (working fine when due date is removed),

error → “Field ‘duedate’ cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate…”,
(if need to set “schedule issues permission” please locate to permission settings page)


Hi @KhushalSingh

From that error, it sounds like the Due date field is not available on the Create Issue screen in the Jira project that you’re attempting to create an issue in.

If you attempt to create an issue in your Jira instance in that project, do you see the Due date field on your create issue screen?

Here’s how i checked in my own instance of Jira (it wasn’t present on my create issue screen):

You’ll find tips in the Find your field screen to add the Due date field to your create issue screen.

I hope this helps!

Thanks for checking and providing solution! Good day!