Whitelist /plugins/servlet/remotepageview endpoint for Confluence Connect add-ons

Hi all,

We would like to implement complete Confluence Cloud page rendering in one of our add-ons (render page in add-on’s iframe). But it is necessary to whitelist Confluence endpoint “/plugins/servlet/remotepageview” for this purpose (currently 403 returns to properly jwt-signed request).

Could anybody from Confluence Connect dev team help us?

Dmitry Zagorovsky

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Your best bet would be to file a request on ecosystem.atlassian.net for the Confluence Ecosystem team. I would highly recommend putting in your use case(s) and why you can’t use other options. Then lobby other devs to watch, vote and comment on the issue.

Atlassian will more than likely review the security implications of white listing that end point (and for long term support) so the more information you give the better. :slight_smile:


Daniel, thank you for suggestions.

Our use case is very similar to how Jira Service Desk Knowledge Base displays it’s articles (pages from confluence) in customer portal KB (we need to properly display a Confluence Cloud Page outside Confluence – in our add-on’s iframe) like this:

We have already raised support ticket in Atlassian Ecosystem Portal and I will post the results here.