Why are default values for macro parameters only half implemented?

I’ve been building some macros, and noticed the docs allow for specifying a defaultValue for each parameter that the macro has.

However, Confluence only displays the default value in the editor. It does not send the defaultValue to the app when the parameter is referenced in the URL of the macro. See [CONFCLOUD-60262] Empty parameter passed Connect addon when matching default value - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

How does the Confluence Cloud team expect vendors to determine whether a) they should use the default value because they got no value sent to them, or b) they should use no value because a user removed the default value in preference for an blank parameter value in the macro editor?

Please can you reopen CONFCLOUD-60262 and actually prioritise it so that macros, you know, work?


The impact of bugs like this is time wasted on software engineering and worse for Atlassian, a reduction in trust in the Connect platform. I no longer believe your documentation, and have to plan in time to verify that Connect works in a reasonable way into every single new thing we attempt to build. This makes it less likely that we’ll build features and deliver value to your customers.


Hi @jbevan ,

I’ve re-opened this issue. It’s after hours for the Confluence team right now so I didn’t consult them - hopefully they don’t mind. :slight_smile: