Why can't I search for issues with EMPTY Team field?

At our organization, we have several teams that use the same project. We separate their backlogs by using the Portfolio Team field (project = MC and Team = 1). I’m trying to create a board for all bugs across the project that have not been assigned to a team so that our POs can triage them to the correct backlog. The query I’d use for that is (project = MC and issuetype = bug and Team = EMPTY) but that query returns no results.

Is there something unique about the Portfolio Team field that prevents me from searching for these Team-less bugs?

Hello gleto,

thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, querying Portfolio’s team custom field for EMPTY is not supported yet. There is already a feature request for this that you can watch for updates. Please understandAtlassian’s policy on implementing new features and that we cannot provide more information on when this will be implemented. Please feel free to comment on the feature request with details on your specific use case that might not yet be covered by the suggestion.

Best regards,
Albert Kavelar | Portfolio for JIRA Development