Why customers get more than 30 days of trial in our apps?

We have several apps on the marketplace and I see that although we give 30 days of trial, our users get longer trial periods some of them get 60 days and more.
Why is that? what do we miss?


If you are talking about Cloud Apps, the app starts being charged after day 30 days but only on the next billing cycle following the 30 days. This means that he effectively can have up to 60 days of trial if the customer installed your app the day following their billing cycle.

Unless Altassian fixed it, there’s also a bug where customer can manipulate their way into having an almost infinite trial time. I will not publicly reveal it for obvious reason but if you see that the customer is still on trials many months later, contact Atlassian.

Finally, if you are talking about Server Apps, then Atlassian allows up to 6 renewals which translates into 6 months trial. And here as well there’s an obvious workaround for this. Most of the server vendors here have trial abusers. I have a few that have been doing this for many years now :frowning: