Why event listener doesn't trigger page copy event specifically when copying page without children(hierarchy)?

Hi All,

-I’m writing a plugin for page events listener module that sync with custom system.
In other words, Whenever page copy events happened, I needed info about that copied page
(for example, page property that I created before copied. Once page is copied, it didn’t carry along add-ons page property that you created).

-EventListener triggers when copying page with children or hierarchy.

-However, when copying page without children or hierarchy, it falls into the category of page creation events. I needed to differentiate between create and copy though technically, they are the same.

Code Sample below:

package com.linn.aung;

import com.atlassian.confluence.event.events.content.ContentEvent;
import com.atlassian.confluence.event.events.content.page.PageCopyEvent;
import com.atlassian.confluence.event.events.content.page.PageCreateEvent;
import com.atlassian.confluence.event.events.content.page.PageViewEvent;
import com.atlassian.confluence.event.events.content.pagehierarchy.CopyPageHierarchyFinishEvent;
import com.atlassian.confluence.event.events.content.pagehierarchy.CopyPageHierarchyStartEvent;
import com.atlassian.confluence.pages.Page;
import com.atlassian.event.Event;
import com.atlassian.event.EventListener;
import org.apache.log4j.Logger;

public class PageListener implements EventListener{

	private static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(PageListener.class);
	private Class[] handledClasses = new Class[]{

	public void handleEvent(Event event) {

		if (event instanceof PageCreateEvent) {

			PageCreateEvent pageCreateEvent = (PageCreateEvent) event;

			Page currentPage = pageCreateEvent.getPage();
			String pageTitle = currentPage.getTitle();
log.warn("-----here page created-----");
		else if(event instanceof CopyPageHierarchyStartEvent) {

			CopyPageHierarchyStartEvent copyStart = (CopyPageHierarchyStartEvent) event;

			Page destinationPage = copyStart.getDestination();
			String pageTitle = destinationPage.getTitle();
log.warn("-----here page copy start-----");

		else if(event instanceof PageCopyEvent) {

			PageCopyEvent pageCopyEvent = (PageCopyEvent) event;

			Page currentPage = pageCopyEvent.getPage();
			String pageTitle = currentPage.getTitle();
log.warn("-----here page copied----");

		else if(event instanceof CopyPageHierarchyFinishEvent) {

			CopyPageHierarchyFinishEvent copyFinish = (CopyPageHierarchyFinishEvent) event;

			Page destinationPage = copyFinish.getDestination();
			String pageTitle = destinationPage.getTitle();
log.warn("-----here page copy finish-----");



	public Class[] getHandledEventClasses() {
		return handledClasses;