Why I'm permanently logged in with the wrong account?


I (unfortunately) have to manage two accounts to access this community for historical reasons.

After I log out from A account, I’m unable to log in with B account because I’m AUTOMATICALLY logged in with A account. WHY?

Please, see this recorded session where I log out (A account) and I’m automatically logged in (with A account) without being asked for any credential.

This also happens when the browser is closed between log out and in.

Well, I can log in with B account if the browser’s cache is cleaned up or from an incognito window. But this is really annoying.

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Yes, I’ve seen this issue primarily on community.developer.atlassian.com. A fix would be great, but this appears to be:

  • Log in redirects you to SSO immediately with no account selection on your part
  • Log out does not destroy your SSO session, only your CDAC session, so you get it back immediately on redirect to sso portal.
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