Why is "Here Be Dragon" tutorial so out of date?


We have noticed that Here Be Dragons tutorial has not been updated for a long time. The suggested JIRA version is 6.3.15 (released 2015) . This first experience with an old JIRA version can be frustrating to a new member.
This tutorial is being part of our new team members onboard because it provides a good overview on how the applications are installed and integrate with each other

We would love to see it updated with JIRA 7 new features;



Hi @italo.qualisoni

I believe the Dragon Slayer quest was created many years ago, when integrating the full suite of Atlassian products was a more complicated matter (I remember doing it when I first started at Atlassian more than 6 years ago as an exercise to familiarise myself with the product suite). As years have gone on, we’ve worked hard to improve the integration between our products, and so there has been less need for such a tutorial to exist.

Of course you’re still welcome to challenge your new team members to install and integrate the full suite of applications - this might be a good place to start: Using AppLinks to link to other applications

All the best!


Thank you for your input about it. I might disagree with you that this tutorial don’t have need to exist.

I see that this quest has much more value than only application integrations. Here are some key features that I see:

  • Learn how to install a local environment with JIRA/Confluence/Crucible/Fisheye & Bamboo
  • Show how to setup the environments using a database (instead of HSQL)
  • Understand and practice the main products features
  • When complete the tutorial you receive as reward an awesome T-shirt (I still use mine :slightly_smiling_face: )

I hope that this is not only my vision about it and I would love to see this quest updated to latest major version

Italo Qualisoni (e-Core)


Hey @italo.qualisoni!
I passed your feedback on to our writing team so they could consider it.


Great to hear it!

Thank you for foward our feedback!!


Do we have any update from writing team from this feedback?



Do you have any update on this matter? This would be a perfect timing to update this documentation along with JIRA 8


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As a new user, I have to agree with this. I thought having a detailed guide was a great thing, I read through it all and then went back to the start to start the installation process.

Java SE SDK at 1.7.x, currently at 12.

The PostreSQL database of 8.4.x as 9 isn’t supported apparently. Current version 11.

Now I have to go through to work out what prerequisites are required for the current software.

Is there at least a proper install guide? When I was looking at the main download page it linked to the Slay the Dragon which seems massively out of date.

As a new user this is a poor experience.

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I completely agree. I also completed this trail years ago and received the tshirt and then went on to wear and deploy atlassian products across 3 or 4 companies. I am now trying to bring on another dragon slaying friend and the above link on oauth app linking is not a satisfying feeling of pride and accomplishment in tweeting the battle wins and earning the gear.

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I also completed the Dragon Quest when it came out, feels like it was ~2010. At the time they made it a soft requirement to keep Atlassian Expert status. Also at that time it actually felt pretty well done and the t-shirt was my all time favorite. It actually stood out as a moment of ‘high quality engagement’ from Atlassian. It does look quite out of date now. I would suggest to Atlassian it was a fun and valuable learning vehicle, but needs to be re-written from scratch, optionally leveraging docker, docker-compose, etc. Just my $0.02.


I like my green Dragon Quest t-shirt too :heart:

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Hello y’all,

Thanks for the feedback and we are making some changes, check out the announcement here: