/wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=id stopped working for specific pages


I think there is a bug in the following REST API

→ wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=id

We were using this URL → wiki/rest/api/content/search?cql=id in (90101010,9101010101) to get the content of multiple pages.

We noticed that on some pages and especially for NEWLY created pages, this api STOPPED giving us back the result.

As a workaround, we tested the new REST API V2 wiki/api/v2/pages?id=90101010,9101010101 and it works fine.

Is there any explanation for that?


+1, we’re seeing the same behaviour on that endpoint when searching by CQL

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Hi @VakalosMixalis and @barbora,

Upon checking, there are no changes announced mentioned in the changelogs. In order to progress the investigation of this case, kindly raise a bug report in this portal.



Hello iragudo,

Thanks for the reply, I have already created a ticket, ECOHELP-26898



I experienced the same problem but the solution you’re suggesting isn’t working on the server edition of Confluence.

Are you aware if it’s possible to run v2 on server?


Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @VassiaBravou,

No. This thread does not apply to Server/Data Center. I would recommend starting a new topic since the symptom might be the same but the underlying problem will be different.

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Hi Team,

Is there an update on this issue ?
I am facing the same problem with this API endpoint for these parameters :
cql=lastmodified > 2024-01-12&expand=history.lastUpdated


From what I can tell, you have a new problem. @VakalosMixalis’s report to support did not result in a bug, just a resolution as “fixed”. I would encourage you to follow that path. Can you open a ticket with developer support?

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