Wiki transformer should have unit tests confirming prose-mirror imports work

Jira Data Center uses Wiki markup for all fields in its REST API V2 and if you try to parse that wiki markup (e.g. into HTML), you will of course want to use Atlaskit’s transformer, which under the hood uses prose-mirror.

So, if you also happen to be using prose-mirror for Rich Text entry, then a strange bug occurs due to the fact that your code is attempting to import prose-mirror a second time, even if you use the same exact prose-mirror version:

As a root cause corrective action, can Atlaskit please add a unit test to your packages to verify they do not break a simple prose-mirror text editor from working?:

@atlaskit/editor-wikimarkup-transformer” → “9.5.2”,
@atlaskit/adf-schema” → “23.0.1”,

Prose-mirror is super simple to setup, and all the unit test would have to do is use the prose-mirror API to set the text of the rich text editor, ensuring the error discussed in that github issue does not occur.

Unfortunately, this blocks people from using Atlaskit transformer with a prose-mirror rich text editor. Prose-mirror is awesome though and has a tiny bundle size in comparison to Atlaskit’s rich text editor!