Will legacy automation handlers built by vendors work in the new automation feature on JSD Cloud?

For Atlas CRM we’ve built two automation then-handlers. When I navigate to the legacy automation feature in JSD I see that the legacy automation feature will be replaced by the new automation feature and that we don’t need to do anything. Can anyone share more information about this? Will this mean that our custom then-handlers also work in the new automation feature?


Yeah, would be great to get an info about this - is this on the roadmap? We’d like to support automation in our connect app, but building for the legacy one would only make sense if the new one will get support for this eventually…


@andreas Sorry for tagging you directly, but since you might know this :slight_smile:

Hi Fatih & Tobias,

Connect extensions for Automation are not on our roadmap and old Automation extensions will not work or be supported in the new Automation engine.
Saying that, extensibility is core to our Automation strategy and we understand how important it is for both our partners and our customers.
We will start reaching out to marketplace partners in the new year to understand their requirments and how we can best serve them while also aligning ourselves to the broader ecosystem strategy.

I do appreciate the effort vendors have gone to by extending the old automation and, as a former marketplace vender myself, I do empathise with venders and their frustrations with moving targets. Our approach to extensibility will be forward looking and we will work with venders to ensure easy adoption.

Nick Menere
Automation Group Product Manager


Hi Nick,

thanks for the response, good to have some kind of information on this (though not the one I’d hope to hear…, well…). Could you maybe check with the documentation team if this page could receive a warning banner or something then, because building something on the old automation starting now does not sound reasonable, correct?