Will "Team" changes in Jira affect the ecoystem?


as can be seen here and here, Atlassian is in the process of making big changes to the concept of teams in (and beyond?) Advanced Roadmaps. As a matter of fact, there seems to be some EAP running right now. Since the team information is currently stored in a custom field, and the value of this custom field is accessible via the REST API, I consider the current data shape part of the API, too.

Will this data shape change as part of this work? If yes, how, and what’s the deprecation period?


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@hannes-finesoftware it was only announced in the Community forum, so there is definitely not going to be any impact for Atlassian Marketplace Partners, because otherwise it would have been announced in CDAC, the respective product change logs, the partner portal and/or the newsletter.


Sigh… Awesome. I can already tell you that we’re going to have support cases because of this since there are customers that use Team in their jql queries.

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I appreciate the charitably curiosity demonstrated in prompting answers to questions. However, I clearly see an undocumented breaking change, more formally known as an incident. Could you please open a public incident so that @remie, @danielwester, and other interested parties can join in?

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@ibuchanan Done: ECOHELP-12961

If folks try to join that incident, let me apologize in advance for a miscommunication on our side where the ticket was converted to a bug report, which you won’t be able to join. I’m working with the support team to try to get this resolved quickly and I’ll report back here in lieu of the public incident. Sorry for the confusion.